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All-time Wins by School

At least 500 wins

All-TimeSchoolRecord ('16)Win%
1MASSILLON WASHINGTON 861-286-3674.303
2CANTON MCKINLEY819-349-4269.421
3STEUBENVILLE 791-311-3471.127
4MARTINS FERRY 693-367-3664.872
5WARREN G HARDING 688-432-5260.922
6FOSTORIA 686-454-4259.814
7ST IGNATIUS684-305-3268.560
8DOVER 682-356-4465.065
9WYOMING 676-199-4875.840
10SANDUSKY 674-388-3663.024
11PIQUA 670-420-4860.984
12BELLAIRE 669-365-5363.983
12IRONTON 669-344-4565.359
14MOGADORE 653-273-2270.042
15NEW PHILADELPHIA 650-416-5160.474
16HAMILTON 649-524-2555.217
17TROY 647-397-4461.489
18MIDDLETOWN 646-333-1865.697
19FREMONT ROSS 644-428-4859.643
19SHELBY 644-400-4261.234
21UNIVERSITY SCHOOL638-380-3262.286
22UPPER ARLINGTON 633-232-1872.707
23FINDLAY 628-470-3556.973
24LOUISVILLE 623-278-3668.410
25NAPOLEON 622-338-3264.315
25VERSAILLES 622-300-2666.983
27DANVILLE 621-475-4756.387
28ARLINGTON LOCAL 613-264-3469.155
29JACKSON 610-405-4859.643
30ORRVILLE 609-391-4160.471
31ST MARY'S MEMORIAL599-333-3463.768
32BELLEVUE 598-415-4458.657
34ELYRIA 592-459-4956.045
34CINCINNATI ELDER592-308-3065.269
34TOLEDO CENTRAL CM592-353-3362.219
37URBANA 585-336-3563.023
38CHAGRIN FALLS 580-384-4359.732
39HOOVER 576-329-2663.265
40SHAW 575-435-6556.512
41MENTOR 574-273-2267.319
42WOOSTER 573-483-4954.072
43WEST JEFFERSON 568-283-2466.286
44PORTSMOUTH 562-444-3055.695
45BELLEFONTAINE 561-409-5657.407
46St. Xavier559-302-2764.471
46MCDONALD 559-251-3268.290
48LAKEWOOD 558-461-5054.537
49GARFIELD 552-313-3763.248
50COLDWATER 543-266-2166.687
51LOGAN-HOCKING 542-360-2859.785
52BLUFFTON 539-360-3659.572
53NEWARK 538-469-3753.305
54DEFIANCE 537-515-3351.014
54NILES MCKINLEY537-413-5156.194
56ALLIANCE 535-476-4352.799
58EAST LIVERPOOL 531-537-2749.726
59MANCHESTER 513-225-369.433
60AVON LAKE 511-201-1671.291

Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('16)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
1Bob Lutz381-93-580.0631969-05, 07-11 429.071 Ironton St. Joe - Retired Jan. 2012
2Terry Malone360-117-875.0521956-03 487.500 Hamilton Badin -
31Chuck Kyle340-85-1 (7-1-0)79.9301983-current 359.714St. Ignatius -
4Al Hetrick334-95-477.5981968-06 398.564 Versailles OH -
5Pat Mancuso323-100-1475.5151955-96 427.690 Ohio -
6Dick Haines320-126-1271.1791952-94 437.442 Ohio -
7August Bossu310-130-2069.5651948-53, 1955-93 456.889 Cleveland Cathedral Latin, OH -
8Don Bucci306-89-577.1251966-99 349.000 Youngstown Cardinal Mooney, OH -
9Bron Bacevich300-64-1381.3001930-74 except 31-32, 50-51 427.143 Michigan -

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