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All-time Wins by School

At least 500 wins

All-TimeSchoolRecord ('16)Win%
1CLINTON HS795-280-37 (10-3-0)73.156
2ADA HS786-326-24 (5-6-0)70.246
3LAWTON HS766-330-34 (8-5-0)69.292
4BOOKER T. WASHINGTON HS758-225-30 (6-5-0)76.308
5JENKS HS707-251-29 (9-3-0)73.100
6THOMAS-FAY-CUSTER UNIFIED HS693-184-11 (5-5-0)78.660
7SEMINOLE JR-SR HS688-357-32 (3-8-0)65.367
8NORMAN HS660-417-45 (1-9-0)60.829
9ARDMORE HS657-391-28 (10-3-0)62.361
10MUSKOGEE HS651-366-31 (9-2-0)63.597
11DAVIS HS646-294-26 (9-3-0)68.219
12WAGONER HS645-382-29 (14-0-0)62.453
13HOMINY HS641-314-24 (15-0-0)66.701
14WOODLAND HS640-374-36 (4-8-0)62.667
15BRISTOW HS637-397-34 (9-3-0)61.236
16PURCELL HS636-391-29 (5-6-0)61.600
17ALTUS HS633-406-40 (10-3-0)60.519
18HOBART HS624-382-18 (8-4-0)61.816
19ENID HS621-466-42 (3-7-0)56.864
20KINGFISHER HS620-446-32 (11-2-0)57.923
21STILLWATER HS610-391-34 (5-6-0)60.580
22DUNCAN HS606-426-27 (5-7-0)58.499
23BROKEN BOW HS602-272-22 (4-7-0)68.415
24WATONGA HS600-319-27 (9-4-0)64.852
25HARTSHORNE HS590-371-37 (7-5-0)60.972
26HENNESSEY HS589-425-31 (5-6-0)57.847
26MIDWEST CITY HS589-212-17 (7-4-0)73.044
28GUTHRIE HS587-558-38 (6-5-0)51.226
29MEDFORD HS586-390-26 (0-10-0)59.780
30SALLISAW HS584-401-38 (7-5-0)58.944
31WELEETKA HS580-341-17 (11-2-0)62.740
32GARBER HS575-421-3857.447
33STROUD HS569-341-22 (6-4-0)62.232
33WEWOKA HS569-426-30 (8-4-0)56.976
35CHANDLER HS558-453-31 (0-10-0)55.038
35CLAREMORE HS558-429-27 (6-5-0)56.361
35WEATHERFORD HS558-393-39 (8-4-0)58.333
38SHAWNEE HS554-508-33 (5-6-0)52.100
39PAWHUSKA HS549-457-34 (2-7-0)54.423
40CHICKASHA HS545-536-46 (1-10-0)50.399
41MIAMI HS543-431-25 (1-9-0)55.606
42FREDERICK HS540-298-13 (1-8-0)64.219
43VINITA HS525-468-35 (1-9-0)52.772

Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('16)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
1Joe Tunnell322-137-769.8501959-99 417.854 Oklahoma -
2Bruce Hendrickson301-172-263.579 Oklahoma -

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