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New Jersey

All-time Wins by School

At least 500 wins

All-TimeSchoolRecord ('18)Win%
1PHILLIPSBURG 704-330-50 (8-3-0)67.251
2MONTCLAIR 660-259-33 (5-5-0)71.061
2PAULSBORO 660-273-51 (8-3-0)69.665
4WESTFIELD SENIOR 643-389-54 (7-4-0)61.694
5WOODBURY JR-SR 614-387-58 (6-4-0)60.718
6ATLANTIC CITY 612-425-67 (2-8-0)58.469
7HADDONFIELD MEMORIAL 609-430-57 (8-3-0)58.166
8MILLVILLE SENIOR 608-412-58 (5-6-0)59.091
9GLASSBORO 597-418-57 (3-6-0)58.349
10COLLINGSWOOD SR 587-420-47 (5-5-0)57.922
10SOUTH RIVER 587-322-42 (7-3-0)63.933
12RAHWAY 566-425-45 (7-3-0)56.805
13BURLINGTON CITY 554-400-55 (7-3-0)57.631
14VINELAND SR -SOUTH547-475-65 (6-5-0)53.312

Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('18)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
1Vic Paternostro373-67-584.3821968-10 438.674 Pope John - Passed away in 2012
2Warren Wolf361-121-1174.3411958-08 517.078 Brick -

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