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National Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 300 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('19)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
1John McKissick620-156-1379.4041952-2014 639.841 Summerville-
21John T. Curtis595-66-6 (10-2-0)89.6551969-current 5111.667John Curtis -
32Mike Smith497-98-2 (8-4-0)83.4171971-current 4910.143Hampton -
43Bob Hyland480-108-2 (12-3-0)81.5251971-current 499.796Fond du lac St Mary's Springs WI -
5Larry Campbell477-85-384.6901972-2013 4211.357 Lincoln County-
64Phil Donaher469-113-4 (11-2-0)80.3751974-current 4610.196Calallen -
7Corky Rogers466-84-184.6641968-2016 509.320 The Bolles School, Jacksonville FL-
8Jim Roth456-63-287.7161984-current 3114.710 Southern Columbia Area-
9George Curry455-99-581.8431967-08, 12-15 479.681 Wyoming Valley West, Berwick-
105John Herrington452-116-1 (9-4-0)79.5251970-current 509.040Farmington Hill, Harrison MI -
116Philip Haywood450-137-0 (11-3-0)76.6611976-current 4410.227Belfry -
127Bill Castle444-91-0 (12-1-0)82.9911976-current 4410.091Lakeland -
12Jack Henzes444-164-872.7271960-2018 607.400 Wyoming Area, Dunsmore PA- Coach at Dunmore since 1971 - Inducted into NHSACA Hall of Fame in 2009
148C. J. Hamilton433-92-0 (10-1-0)82.4761973-76, 79-current 459.622Silver Lake -
14Dick Tighe433-171-871.4051954-2017 656.662 St. Edmond, Fort Dodge-
16Al Fracassa431-121-777.7281963-2013 518.451 Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice-
179Jim Hightower429-128-1 (11-2-0)76.9711974-current 469.326St. Thomas More -
1810Larry (Bud) Wright424-200-2 (6-4-0)67.8911968-current 528.154Sheridan IN -
19G. A. Moore423-97-980.8131962-04, 09-11 469.196 Aubrey, Pilot Point- Retired 2011
20Jack Holley412-96-980.561 468.957 Tabor City, West Columbus, South Columbus, Hallsboro-
2111Gary Rankin410-75-084.5361982-current Alcoa Smith County (1982-1989), Riverdale (1990-2005)-
2212Bill Hurst409-6-098.554-current 2204.500Centreville -
23Jim Render406-141-673.9601970-2018 508.120 Uniontown PA, Carroliton OH, Upper St. Clair PA-
24Pete Atkins405-60-486.7801951-94 449.205 Missouri-
24Bob Milloy405-123-176.6541970-2016 488.438 Our Lady of Good Counsel-
2613Robert Paroli403-206-1365.8361957-12 567.196(55) Seventy-First NC- Retired after 2012 season
27Bob Ladouceur399-24-394.0141979-2012 3411.735 Concord De La Salle, CA- Retired at age 58 with 94% winning percentage.
28Curt Bladt398-59-087.0901978-2016 409.950 Harlan IA-
29Gordon Wood396-91-1580.3781940-85 468.609 Texas-
3014Ricky Joe Black392-79-0 (11-3-0)83.227-current 3130.667Jackson Prep Tupelo, Koscuisko-
3115Ken Leonard388-79-0 (8-4-0)83.0841984-current 3610.778Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) Gridley-
3216Alan Chadwick386-73-0 (11-2-0)84.0961985-current 3511.029Marist -
33Frank Lenti385-79-082.9741984-2017 3610.694 Mt. Carmel IL-
34Willie Varner383-132-1073.9051954-96 438.907 Woodruff-
35Bob Lutz381-93-580.0631969-05, 07-11 429.071 Ironton St. Joe- Retired Jan. 2012
35Jack Johnson381-135-173.7911973-2016 458.467 Great Falls C. M. Russell MT-
35Ron Holtman381-103-878.2521955-04 517.471 Alton Marquette IL-
38Tom Mach378-102-078.7501976-2010 399.692 Detroit Catholic Central-
39Don Bailey375-120-875.348 Forest Hills-
40Vic Paternostro373-67-584.3821968-10 438.674 Pope John- Passed away in 2012
41Jerry Pezzetti372-142-172.3301968-2012 458.267 Ankeny Centennial, Mechler-Dallas, Murray, IA-
42Joe Bradshaw371-120-475.3541962-05 448.432 Aliceville, AL-
4317Russ Radtke368-139-0 (11-2-0)72.584-current 573.600New Prairie -
43Jerry Brewer368-105-277.6841960-02 438.558 Jasper-
43Ken Netherland368-131-373.6062012-2013 1966-02, 05-10458.178 Lausanne Collegiate, Hillcrest, Germanton, St. George's- retired after 2013, passed away 2014
46Frank McClellan367-77-482.3661968-05 389.658 Barton-
47Red Franklin365-75-982.2941924-58 3510.429 Haynesville-
48Howie Vogts364-124-1074.0961953-65, 67-09 566.500 Bethpage NY- Deceased 2010
49Elbert Wright361-126-1773.3131954-92 1994-99458.022 Texas-
4918Rich Zinanni361-144-0 (8-4-0)71.4851975-current 458.022Kankakee (McNamara) -
49Mike Boyd361-113-176.1051965-68, 70-2012 477.681 Waterford Lady of the Lakes-
49Marijon Ancich361-137-472.3111961-05, 2009-11 487.521 St. Paul CA, Santa Fe Springs- Retired after 2011 season
49Warren Wolf361-121-1174.3411958-08 517.078 Brick-
54Terry Malone360-117-875.0521956-03 487.500 Hamilton Badin-
5519Robby Pruitt358-87-1 (9-4-0)80.3811985-current 3510.229Coffee Fitzgerald, Florida schools-
5620Chuck Kyle357-94-1 (5-5-0)79.0931983-current 379.649St. Ignatius -
57Chuck Lenahan356-70-183.4891971-current 448.091 Plymouth-
58Carlton Flatt354-68-183.8061971-98 2002-063310.727 Brentwood Academy-
58Robert Davis354-74-182.6341973-08 369.833 WarnerRobins, Westside Macon-
58Chuck Smith354-78-081.9441980-2017 399.077 St. Mary's Colgan-
6121Tom Brown352-132-772.403 (39) Bunker Hill, Maiden-
62Duane Twait350-64-384.2931964-02 398.974 Emmetsburg IA-
62Dick Basham350-87-080.0921970-09 408.750 Milwaukee Marquette, WI-
64Mike Williams348-75-382.042 Manheim Central-
65Dan Pitts346-109-475.8171959-97 398.872 MaryPersons- Retired 1997
65Pinky Babb346-86-2478.5091935-81 477.362 Greenwood SC-
67Dudley Hilton345-101-077.354 359.857 Bell County-
67Dwight Hochstetler345-114-175.1091978-2014 379.324 Bowdon, Greenville-
67Bob Schneider345-183-265.2831966-09 447.841 Newport Central Catholic KY- Retired January 2010
67Jim Drewry345-158-568.4061958-59, 1965-86, 1989-09 457.667 Booneville MS- Retired after 2009
7122Ivan McGlone344-171-366.6991973-current 428.190 Russell, Huntington Vinson WV-
71Frank Pazzaglia344-141-870.5881969-12 447.818 Mid Valley, PA- Retired December 2012
73Tom Jaworski343-92-078.8511972-10 398.795 Creighton Prep- Retired after 2010 season
74Rod Wotton342-94-378.2461963-10 487.125 Aquinas, Dover NH-
74Joe Hamilton342-168-1166.6991966-2014 496.980 PA: Midland, New Brighton, Hempfield, Blackhawk-
7623Buddy Anderson341-155-1 (8-4-0)68.7121978-current 428.119Vestavia Hills -
77T McFerrin340-102-476.6821968-82, 84, 86-96, 98-04, 09-12379.189 Jefferson, South Gwinnett, Elbert Co.- Retired last in 2012
77Barney Hester340-167-966.7641974-80, 1982-2017 437.907 Josey Academy, Gordon-Ivey, Tattnall Square, Howard-
79Chris Geesman339-66-383.4561965-02 388.921 Mishawaka Penn IN-
79Vincent O'Connor339-179-1165.1231953-current 625.468 Fresh Meadows St. Francis NY-
81Herb Meyer338-150-1468.7251959-03 457.511 Oceanside CA-
82Paul Moro337-76-081.5981984-2017 359.629 Marcos de Niza, Blue Ridge, Poston Butte-
83Mike Glaser336-78-081.1591982-12 3110.839 St. Xavier- Retired December 2012
83Sam Harp336-140-070.5881981-2016 379.081 Lebanon-
85Edward Buller335-78-780.5951940-84 457.444 Kansas-
86Al Hetrick334-95-477.5981968-06 398.564 Versailles OH-
87Luther Welsh333-180-664.740-2010 467.239 Thomson- Retired 2010
88Tom Stone332-88-178.9791967-current 427.905 Packwood Pekin, IA-
88John Tucker332-132-1071.0971955-97 437.721 Humboldt TN-
90Vern Friedli331-159-667.3391962-2011 506.620 Amphitheater, Morenci, Casa Grande, San Manuel - Retired 2011
91Ronnie Jones329-114-374.1031979-2015 378.892 Woodland Christian, Brookwood School, Calhoun Co, Westfield Sch-
92Pat Panek328-117-2972.2571925-77 546.074 Colorado-
93Jim Bellamy327-141-469.7031960-2008 496.673 Mt. Vernon, Schaller, West Liberty, Perry IA-
94Michael Pettine326-42-488.1721967-99 339.879 Pennsylvania-
94Carl Madison326-139-769.8091957-99, 2001-04 476.936 Florida-
96E. B. Etter324-102-1375.2851943-83 417.902 Chattanooga TN-
97John Hayes323-103-275.701 Bellwood-Antis-
97Dewey Sullivan323-80-280.0001965-02 388.500 Dayton OR-
97Pat Mancuso323-100-1475.5151955-96 427.690 Ohio-
10024Bob Wolfrum322-85-179.044 Wyomissing -
100Joe Tunnell322-137-769.8501959-99 417.854 Oklahoma-
100Armond Columbo322-103-975.2301961-03 437.488 Brockton, Archbishop Williams MA-
10325B W Holt321-113-273.853 (39) Rocky Mount-
104Bob Clayton320-74-081.2181978-11 349.412 Heritage Hills- Retired 2011
104Dick Haines320-126-1271.1791952-94 437.442 Ohio-
104Les Davis320-131-170.9071959-current 555.818 Grenola, Greeley, Towanda Circle, Sedan KS-
10726Kevin Clancy319-141-269.264 xx Archbishop Carroll, Strath Haven-
107Brent Steuerwald319-90-477.7241968-11 447.250 Shenendehowa NY-
109Maurice Collins318-62-483.3331960-88 1991-99388.368 DC-
110Bill Chappell317-74-980.3751964-96 339.606 Dalton- Retired 1996
110Bob Redman317-115-073.380 359.057 Louisville Male-
110Jimmy Moore317-105-574.8241965-02 388.342 Mississippi-
113Gary Korhonen315-98-076.2711964-65, 1972-07 388.289 Elkader IA, Oak Lawn IL- Retired 2007
114Terry Verrelli314-129-370.740 Wilmington Area-
114Donald Howell314-73-280.9771965-98 349.235 Hobart, IN-
116Steve Lennox313-115-273.023 Dickinson (DE), Interboro (229 wins)-
116Gene Cox313-99-475.7211958-95 388.237 Florida-
116Ken Hofer313-141-268.8601964-71, 75-11 456.956 Menominee, Stephenson-
119Dick Dullaghan312-59-084.0971969-79, 1984-03 3110.065 Indiana-
119Jeff Herron312-54-085.2461989-2018 3110.065 CamdenCo, OconeeCo, Wheeler, Cedar Shoals, Walton, PAC, Grayson, TL Hanna-
119Wayman Creel312-106-1473.8431952-89 388.211 NorthsideAtlanta- Deceased 1990
12227Stan Dakosty310-155-366.560 Marian Catholic -
12227Ricky Woods310-67-0 (10-3-0)82.228-current 1310.000South Panola Starkville, Ackerman-
122August Bossu310-130-2069.5651948-53, 1955-93 456.889 Cleveland Cathedral Latin, OH-
122Bob Raczek310-147-267.7561967-12 496.327 Pacelli (Stevens Point)-
126Waldon Tucker309-126-370.8901973-10 388.132 Demopolis Acad-
126Robert Holstead309-146-867.6031955-68, 1970-95 407.725 Tallulah, LA-
126Jesse Parker309-139-468.805 407.725 Camelback, Mesa Mountain View, Texas, Gilbert-
126Karl Kiefer309-138-369.0001965-05 417.537 McClintock, Phoenix Mountain Pointe, AZ-
130Walter Brooks3081936-74 397.897 Hurricane, UT-
130Leo "Smokey" Boyd308-116-472.4301953, 1956-99 456.844 Saginaw Nouvel, MI-
132Tim Rimpfel307-100-375.244 Trinity, Bishop McDevitt, Cumberland Valley-
132Robert Fairchild307-79-579.1561960-97 388.079 Chillicothe, MO-
134George Novak306-139-368.638 Steel Valley, Woodland Hills-
134Don Bucci306-89-577.1251966-99 349.000 Youngstown Cardinal Mooney, OH-
136Bill Gentry305-102-574.6361958-95 388.026 Albuquerque Highland, NM-
136Mojo Hollowell305-187-761.8241957-00 446.932 Owensboro Catholic, KY-
138Jack Pratt304-129-769.8861958-76, 80-06 466.609 Flint St. Matthew, Grand Blanc-
139Bob Lantzy303-115-172.4341971-2011 417.390 Utica Eisenhower- Retired 2011
140Nick Hyder302-48-585.7751968-95 2810.786 Valdosta- Deceased 1996
140Glenn Daniel302-169-1663.6551946-92 476.426 Pine Hill, AL-
140Gary Klingensmith302-213-658.5411969-2018 515.922 Juniata PA-
143Bob Herring301-118-371.682-08 Newnan (retired 2008)-
143Bruce Hendrickson301-172-263.579 Oklahoma-
143Bill Scott301-175-163.208 Elkton (MD), Warrior Run, Selinsgrove-
143Norman Lineburg301-138-868.2331970-03 348.853 Radford, VA-
143Charles "Babe" Howell301-121-671.0281966-00 358.600 North Carolina-
143Roger DuPaix301-112-072.8811977-11 358.600 Highland, Skyline-
149Bron Bacevich300-89-1676.0491933-49, 52-53 1915.789 Illinois- Retired 1953
149Conrad Nix300-108-173.4721969-87, 94-2009 358.571 NorthsideWR, FayetteCo, IrwinCo- Retired 2009
149Matt Senffner300-114-172.4101968-05 387.895 New Lenox (Providence)- Retired 2005
149Rodney Walker300-141-367.9051970, 1972-11 417.317 Mary Persons, SandyCreek- Retired 2011
149Bron Bacevich300-64-1381.3001930-74 except 31-32, 50-51 427.143 Michigan-
149Walt Braun300-98-375.1871956-98 436.977 Marysville, MI-

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Information has been compiled from many sources.

Note: winning percentage is calculated by adding half the number of ties to the number of wins: win% = (wins + ties/2) divided by (wins + losses + ties)