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Georgia Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

At least 200 wins

All-TimeActiveCoachRecord ('19)Win%YearsSeasonsWins Per SeasonSchool/Area
1Larry Campbell477-85-384.6901972-2013 4211.357 Lincoln County-
21Alan Chadwick386-73-0 (11-2-0)84.0961985-current 3511.029Marist -
32Robby Pruitt358-87-1 (9-4-0)80.3811985-current 3510.229Coffee Fitzgerald, Florida schools-
4Robert Davis354-74-182.6341973-08 369.833 WarnerRobins, Westside Macon-
5Dan Pitts346-109-475.8171959-97 398.872 MaryPersons- Retired 1997
6Dwight Hochstetler345-114-175.1091978-2014 379.324 Bowdon, Greenville-
7T McFerrin340-102-476.6821968-82, 84, 86-96, 98-04, 09-12379.189 Jefferson, South Gwinnett, Elbert Co.- Retired last in 2012
7Barney Hester340-167-966.7641974-80, 1982-2017 437.907 Josey Academy, Gordon-Ivey, Tattnall Square, Howard-
9Luther Welsh333-180-664.740-2010 467.239 Thomson- Retired 2010
10Ronnie Jones329-114-374.1031979-2015 378.892 Woodland Christian, Brookwood School, Calhoun Co, Westfield Sch-
11Bill Chappell317-74-980.3751964-96 339.606 Dalton- Retired 1996
12Wayman Creel312-106-1473.8431952-89 388.211 NorthsideAtlanta- Deceased 1990
13Nick Hyder302-48-585.7751968-95 2810.786 Valdosta- Deceased 1996
14Bob Herring301-118-371.682-08 Newnan (retired 2008)-
15Conrad Nix300-108-173.4721969-87, 94-2009 358.571 NorthsideWR, FayetteCo, IrwinCo- Retired 2009
15Rodney Walker300-141-367.9051970, 1972-11 417.317 Mary Persons, SandyCreek- Retired 2011
173Rich McWhorter291-86-2 (3-7-0)77.0451990-current 309.700Jackson County CharltonCo-
18Billy Henderson285-107-1671.8141973-95 58-69358.143 ClarkeCentral, Willingham- Retired 1995
19Graham Hixon279-93-1574.0311954-87 348.206 Woodward Academy, Gainesville, Commerce- Retired 1987
20Buck Godfrey273-89-175.3441983-12 309.100 SW Dekalb- Retired 2012
21Buck Cravey270-127-367.8751967-03 377.297 PinewoodChr, Vidalia- Retired 1992
22Wright Bazemore268-51-783.2821941-42 46-71387.053 Valdosta- Retired 1971
234Allen Lowe262-134-366.0401987-current 337.939Deerfield-Windsor Calvary Day-
24Charlie Grisham261-69-1377.9881958-86 299.000 Carrollton- Retired 1986
245Rick Tomberlin261-127-0 (9-3-0)67.2681983-2012, 2016, 2919-currrent 328.156Appling County EffinghamCo, Valdosta, WashingtonCo, Calvary Day, Appling Co.- Retired 2012, Returned 2016
26Charlie Winslette260-134-365.8691977-07, 09-11 347.647 Greene Co., Gatewood- 2008: Asst at Jones Co.
27John Hill254-89-573.7071971-00 308.467 Cedartown- Retired 2000
27Bobby Gruhn254-104-570.6611963-92 308.467 Gainesville- Retired 1992
29Ed Pilcher250-116-168.2561986-15 308.333 Bainbridge, ThomasCoCentral, EarlyCo, Berrien- Retired after 2015
30Ray Lamb249-103-1170.1101961-92 327.781 Commerce- Retired 1992
306Bill Murdock249-131-565.3251989-current 327.781Terrell Academy Southwest Georgia Academy-
32Jim Cavan248-120-2366.3681938, -75 357.086 RE Lee, Griffin- Deceased 1983
33Jim Hughes247-102-570.4801970-99 308.233 ColquittCo, Thomasville- Retired 1999
33Rodney Collins247-162-560.2661972-2012 366.861 Baker, Southland, Briarwood, John Milledge, Stratford-
35Dexter Wood246-89-473.156 308.200 Buford, Marietta, Lassiter, Alabama (3 schools)- Retired 2004
36Charlie Davidson239-101-1469.4921952-84 337.242 Darlington, W-W- Retired 1984
367Ron Gartrell239-121-066.3891988-current 337.242Stephenson Shamrock-
38Hal Lamb238-52-082.0691997-2018 2210.818 Upson-Lee, Calhoun-
39Jimmy Dorsey236-79-174.8421981-07 278.741 McEachern- Retired 2007
39Jim Walsh236-113-667.3241960-94 356.743 Pacelli, Benedictine- Retired 1994
41Jim Lofton234-122-865.3851961-74, 79-98 346.882 GAC- Retired 1998
42Dale Williams230-122-365.2111964-95 327.188 WareCo, Waycross- Retired 1995
43Jerry Sharp227-102-968.4911972-01 307.567 Darlington- Retired 2001
44Bruce Miller225-126-064.1031988-2017 307.500 Cass, North Forsyth, Gainesville-
45Danny Cronic218-108-166.8201974-77, 80-83, 87-07 297.517 EastCoweta, ForsythCentral, LaGrange-
46Al Reaves217-159-557.6121964-84, 87-00 356.200 PutnamCo- Retired 2000
47Bill Schofill216-139-460.7241964-02 395.538 Swainsboro, Statesboro- Retired 1993
48Bob Griffith214-110-166.0001973-02 307.133 EffinghamCo-
49Buzz Busby211-81-372.034 268.115 PikeCo, Statesboro, Alabama (3 schools)-
50David Dupree210-79-1271.761-83 Laney- Retired 1983
508Maurice Freeman210-104-066.8791994-current 268.077Brooks County -
52Milt Miller209-93-069.205 268.038 - Retired 2002
53Jack Johnson208-79-172.396-04 ApplingCo-
53Alton Shell208-107-265.931-90 Americus, Alabama (3 schools)- Retired 1990
55French Johnson207-105-1165.7891955-82 287.393 Chamblee, Paulding, ForePark, Marietta- Retired 1982
569Eric Soliday206-146-258.4751989-current 316.645Tiftarea Academy McDonough, Americus, TurnerCo, Perry-
57Steve Pennington204-132-460.5881983-98, 2004-17 306.800 Louisville, Appling Co., Ware Co., Statesboro, SE Bulloch-
57Bob Herndon204-130-360.9791978-2008 316.581 Benedictine, SEffingham, ForsythCentral, Fitzgerald-
59Max Bass203-103-765.9741966-1994 297.000 Newnan- Retired 1994
59Weyman Sellers203-142-858.6401952-81, 83-86 345.971 Lithia Springs, Pebblebrook, Jonesboro, CC/Athens- Retired 1996
6110Frank Barden201-97-167.3911994-current 267.731St. Francis Pickens, Cartersville, Stephens Co.-

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Information has been compiled from many sources.

Note: winning percentage is calculated by adding half the number of ties to the number of wins: win% = (wins + ties/2) divided by (wins + losses + ties)