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NEW Records

The national lists have been updated through the 2021 season. These were started by ATallTexan at Our thanks to him for the original research and maintaining them for several years. Check back as this list will grow!

  • National All-Time Wins
  • National All-Time Winning Percentage
  • National All-Time Games Played

  • National All-Time Playoff Wins
  • National All-Time Playoff Winning Percentage
  • National All-Time Playoff Games Played

  • All-time Wins by School

    Top 10 through the 2021 Season

    All- TimeSchoolStateRecord ('21)Win%
    1ValdostaGA940-256-34 (4-6-0)77.80
    2LOUISVILLE MALE TRADITIONAL KY927-333-49 (13-1-0)72.69
    3MAYFIELD KY921-262-32 (12-2-0)77.12
    4MASSILLON WASHINGTON OH920-297-36 (11-3-0)74.86
    5HIGHLANDSKY911-257-26 (5-6-0)77.39
    6MUSKEGON MI877-285-43 (9-2-0)74.56
    7MOUNT CARMEL AREAPA874-331-57 (10-3-0)71.51
    8EASTON AREA HSPA862-372-52 (6-4-0)69.05
    9CANTON MCKINLEYOH859-366-42 (8-5-0)69.46
    10HAMPTON VA858-284-45 (8-2-0)74.18

    Coaches, all-time & active, by Wins

    Top 10 Through the 2021 Season

    All- TimeActiveCoachRecord ('21)Win%YearsSchool/Area
    1John McKissick620-156-1379.401952-2014 Summerville-
    21John T. Curtis606-74-6 (5-4-0)88.781969-current John Curtis-
    3Mike Smith500-100-283.221971-2020 Hampton-
    42Bob Hyland496-114-2 (12-3-0)81.211971-current Fond du lac St Mary's Springs WI-
    5Phil Donaher479-116-480.301974-2020 Calallen-
    6Larry Campbell477-85-384.691972-2013 Lincoln County-
    7Gary Rankin466-78-0 (13-1-0)85.661982-2021 Smith County (1982-1989), Riverdale (1990-2005), Alcoa-
    73Philip Haywood466-147-0 (9-6-0)76.021976-current Belfry-
    7Corky Rogers466-84-184.661968-2016 The Bolles School, Jacksonville FL-
    104Bill Castle459-97-0 (9-2-0)82.551976-current Lakeland-

    Football Slogans

  • Your turf is mine
  • My world revolves around football
  • Practice does not make perfect, Perfect practice makes Perfect
  • That's why you DON'T play!
  • Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best
  • Second place means First Loser!
  • We don't rebuild. We reload.
  • What we do in life, echoes in eternity!
  • Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
  • Play like a champion today

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    GALarry Campbell now working for his School Superintendent Son
    LAJohn T. Curtis, Jr., Approaches 500th Victory
    NENebraska's All-Time Winningest Coach Tom Jaworski to Retire After 2010
    GAPolice Arrest Pastor Picketing Demon Mascot in Warner Robins
    NYHowie Vogts, legendary Bethpage NY coach, passes away at 80
    LAJohn T. Curtis, Jr. Elected to Louisiana Sports HoF
    KYBob Schneider Retires after 44 seasons at Newport Central Catholic
    MSJim Drewry, Mississippi's all-time winningest high school football coach, has retired.
    MSHead-to-Head Debuts on FoxSports
    GANew Book Captures Georgia High School Football

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  • All-Time and Active, by Wins
  • All-Time and Active, by Winning Percentage
  • Most Wins at Same School
  • Most Games Coached
  • Georgia
  • All-Time and Active, by Wins
  • All-Time and Active, by Winning Percentage
  • Most Wins at Same School
  • Most Games Coached
  • Most Wins at Georgia Schools
  • Other Sites with Coaching Records
  • Alabama High School Football Historical Society Coaches Info
  • Georgia High School Football Historians Assocation Coaches Info
  • South Carolina Football History

  • Click for More Coach Info!


  • Georgia Teams, Current Consecutive Playoffs
  • Georgia Teams, All-Time Wins
  • Georgia Teams, All-Time Winning Percentage
  • Georgia Teams, All-Time Shutouts
  • Georgia Teams, All-Time Games Played
  • Georgia Teams, Most State Titles
  • Georgia Teams, Most Region Titles
  • Kansas State Records & State Champions
  • KHSAA Football Records
  • Texas HS Football Encyclopedia - THSFpedia
  • HSFootballWeb Interesting Records
  • GHSFHA State Records

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    Most Recent Video

    Players Target Official

    These two players were apparently mad at the official for what they thought was a bad call. So obvious! Hopefully they will be banned for the rest of their high school careers.

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    New Stadium Photos

    Hackley Stadium
    Muskegon MI

    Yellow Jacket Field
    Brooklet GA

    San Angelo Stadium
    San Angelo TX

    Ray Stadium
    Meridian MS

    Arrow Field
    Clinton MS

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    New Logos



    East Jackson
    Commerce GA

    Southeast Bulloch
    Brooklet GA

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    Obie the Tiger

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    New Helmets

    Atlanta GA

    Marietta GA

    Lanier Christian Academy
    Flowery Branch GA

    Covenant Academy
    Macon GA

    Ga School for Innovation & The Classics
    Hephzibah GA

    Christian Heritage
    Dalton GA

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    Score Atlanta

    Georgia HS Football Daily Newsletter Georgia

    NMAA Films

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